Disorderly Scuffled

My attempt in creating these pieces revolves around the idea of an inner battle between one’s understanding of the cultural and social challenges and how one acts upon them. This attempt had never bloomed from my conscious ideology but it is born through an un-conscious reaction to how I perceive my environment.

"Pouya combines the public and the private, the historical and the mythical. He tips the balance against restraint and his own perspective as an artist. Pouya describes very difficult situations, but his ironic compositions, use of stylistic references, the way he manipulates paint and the surface of the canvas, create worlds which are so amusing to visit and yet smack you in the face with a reality shock. His work triggers an awareness of vulnerability and solitude.


While his subject matters often refer to contemporary situations, he also eagerly observes the work of old and new masters investigating composition, concept, and the craft adopted by artists such as Rembrandt, Freud, and Bacon. His works are records of his own subjectivity and dialectic thinking. Yet in some of his work there are also recollections of myths. Pouya has returned several times to the themes of the Shahnameh. But Pouya’s is a contemporary outlook, formed at a time when the events of the past have adopted new values in light of technological advances and modern psychological theories."

Marjan HormozI

From exhibition catalogue