‘Mourn Baby Mourn’ revolves around mourning rituals and cathartic approaches through Art and the historic elements that generate these traditions in Theatre. This series is a multimedia project that examines mourning on a personal and historical level. It is a study of Persian and Shiite mourning rituals known as “Ta’zie”. The series includes a virtual theatre installation as well as drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Inspired by memories and dreams of my childhood as well as the death of an advisor, the work dwells on the theatrical aspects of “Ta’zie” in the format of painting before transforming into animation and interactive video projections. . This series is an ongoing project which aims to create a dialogue on recovering from a loved one’s death and how  a community can create a platform for that.

"From the collection of works in the gallery, visitors immediately understand that this group of paintings, drawings, video animations, and mixed media pieces were his catharsis. It was a word he used a lot when I spoke with him, and it’s incredibly powerful to witness these pieces with this in mind. Describing all of his pieces as improvisations — they can be viewed as cathartic exercises — symbols that hold power in his narrative appear over and over and over again."


Melissa Karlin